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Quick and Cute: DIY Easter Felt Garland with Cricut Maker

There is no better way to get ready for Easter than by giving your mantle a springtime makeover with a DIY Easter Felt Garland! See how we went from neutral decor to Easter Bunny ready with a fun DIY Cricut Maker project — now available on our YouTube channel! Let’s get started on our DIY Easter Felt Garland!

Supplies Needed for Your “Happy Easter” Felt Garland

To make a “Happy Easter” felt pennant garland, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Sheets of craft felt for your triangle banners and letters (I used pastel sheets for the triangles, and white for the letters. You can find these at any craft store.)
  • Hole punch and sharpie or marker
  • Craft Pennant Template (or make your own!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft twine or ribbon
  • Cricut Maker and StrongGrip mat
  • Optional Extra 1: Wool Felt Balls and crochet thread and a needle for a matching ball garland, to create the “double garland” look in my pictures!
  • Optional Extra 2: Lots of cute easter decor and extra ribbon/trim for the ends of your pennant garland! I found my ribbon and trim at Michaels.
Supplies for DIY Easter Felt Garland

Ready to Get Started?

Follow along in our YouTube video tutorial for all the steps to make your own Happy Easter Garland:

Festive Add-Ons to Your DIY Easter Garland

Colorful wool felt ball garland

Coordinating DIY Wool Felt Ball Garland

We couldn’t resist making a matching Felt Ball Garland! These are fun and super easy to make, and you can customize them with different colors and sizes. Simply use your crochet thread and needle to go through each ball until you have your desired length of garland. We love having these felt ball garlands around — they’re versatile for different seasons and celebrations!

Ribbon Finials

The optional ribbon/trim bundle on each side really adds a festive touch to the finished garland! To make your own, measure out the length you want, then double it. When you have all your pieces of ribbon/trim cut, fold the bundle in half and secure it with craft twine or string in the center — being sure to leave ‘tails’ to attach to your mantle. We just taped the ends of the string to the top of the mantle and hung the ribbon bundle over the edge to get the drape we wanted. Couldn’t be easier!

Close up of DIY Easter Felt Garland

The Final Reveal: An Easter-Ready Mantle

This DIY Easter Felt Garland — and its extras — were so fast and fun to make! We love how colorful and bunny-ready everything turned out. Let us know in the comments which season or celebration you’ll be crafting a garland for… and if you make a felt garland, we’d love to see it! Email us or tag @zappydots in your creatively inspired posts. Happy Easter!

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