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Easter Charcuterie Board Idea: Build & Serve This Adorable Springtime Snack Board

While ham and deviled eggs steal the show this time of year, they can also be a bit time-consuming to pull together. We like taking the preparation-pressure down a notch by serving up simple finger foods for our springtime gatherings — enter the Easter charcuterie board!

A themed charcuterie board is always a quick and easy way to informally feed a crowd for any occasion! I love serving snack boards and charcuterie trays because they can be customized to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, and the look so darn cute while actually being very easy to put together. You can whip up this delicious and cute Easter charcuterie board in about 20 minutes — and best of all, there’s no cooking required! I’ll show you step-by-step how to build it.

Easter Charcuterie Board

Crunchy, Sweet, Savory, & Smooth

So, what exactly makes a great charcuterie board? While we all think of meat, cheese, and crackers, it’s actually all about the variety of tastes and textures. You need to include foods that are a mix of crunchy, sweet, savory, and smooth categories to cover all your bases. Visually, it’s also a good idea to choose things that look appealing and provide a little color contrast. Need a cheat sheet? Shop everything on our board using the list below!

Easter Charcuterie Board ingredients

Easter Charcuterie Board Shopping List

You can find all of the ingredients we used on our Easter charcuterie board at your local grocery store! Here’s what I chose:

  • Variety of cheeses. My board includes a cranberry white cheddar, brie wheel, blue cheese wedge, gouda, and Jarlsberg cheeses. All of these have different flavor profiles, and are a mix of soft and hard textures. The types are totally up to you, but for this board, you’ll need cheese(s) that’s firm enough to cut into shapes, and a soft brie wheel to hollow out!
  • Crunchy snacks. I recommend 2-3 varieties of crunchy snacks. On this board I’m using Pretzel Crisps and Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers. Mixed nuts — in salty and/or sweet varieties — are also a great crunchy option!
  • Fresh or dried fruit. My board features green and red grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Dried fruits, like mangoes and cranberries can be a nice addition as well.
  • Sweet treats. For the sweet category my board features the fresh fruit, alongside honey and chocolate Lindt carrots. My favorite honey is Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese — it’s cute enough to serve as-is, but for this particular snack tray, we’re using a cheese wheel as our honey vessel!
  • Savory Snacks. I included a pepper coated dry salami on our board. This pairs well with the Jarlsberg and gouda!

Special Supplies that Make Your Charcuterie Board Beautiful

Of course you can set out all of the ingredients as-is, but what makes a themed board like this one so special are the details. Pretty embellishments make a snack board a conversation piece, too! To make your own version you will need a cute serving board or tray, springtime shaped cookie cutters, and some fresh blooms for garnish. I used our very own Zappy Dots Easter Egg-stravaganza Glass Cutting Board, and a mix of bunny and flower shaped cookie cutters. You can buy the same ones here:

Prepping Your Bunny Shaped Cheeses

Ready to build your board?! Let’s start with the cheese. I used a regular cutting board for this step. First, if your cheese block comes in a wedge, cut it into slices. Then, use the cookie cutters to cut various sizes of shapes from your hard cheeses. I did a mix of flower and bunny shaped cheeses.

Now, take your brie wheel, and place a cookie cutter in the center. I used the bunny. Press the cutter about 1/3 of the way through the cheese. Then use a spoon to scoop out the shape and create a well. This is where you’ll pour the honey! (Tip: No honey? Use jam instead!)

Assembling Your Adorable Easter Charcuterie Board

Now grab your serving board and put it all together!

I always place my largest items on the board first. My biggest item here is my brie wheel. I placed it near a corner — with enough room to add some filler snacks around the edges, and then I filled the bunny shape with my honey. My next largest items were the salami and other large hard cheese shapes. TIP: Remember to space out your large items and leave space in between to fill with your smaller snacks.

Once the larger items are in place, fill in the gaps in your board using one item at a time. I like to place each type of item in at least two places on the board to start — two pockets of pretzels, two pockets of grapes, etc. Go round and round adding ingredients until the board is filled to your liking. Then use the smallest things (like blueberries and grapes) to fill in any small gaps.

These six photos show you how my Easter charcuterie board came together one ingredient at a time:

Once you are happy with the placement of the food, it’s time to add your final embellishments! In keeping with our springtime theme, we opted to place a few fresh blooms on our board:

Completed Easter charcuterie board

We hope these Easter charcuterie board tips help you free up some time in the kitchen to enjoy your friends and family this springtime!

EasterBoard 06

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