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Leaping into Creative Journaling: A Colorful Journey Begins

As we stand at the threshold of a rare and special moment — Leap Year Day, February 29! — a day that graces us only once every four years, I find the concept of “leap” particularly resonant. It symbolizes not just a quirk of our calendar, but also a chance for us to take bold steps into new beginnings and uncharted territories. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a leap we’re about to take at Zappy Dots — a leap into the vibrant world of creative journaling.

Zappy Dots Creative Journaling Book Inspiration

A Journey Rooted in Childhood

My lifelong passion for planners, journals, and all things organizational began in childhood with Sunday morning ‘to do’ lists crafted by my dad. Though a source of youthful frustration, those lists instilled in me a love for organization and planning. This habit evolved into a deep appreciation for beautiful notepads and the Franklin planner system — marking the beginning of a profound, lifelong practice. Journaling became more than a means to plan; it was a way to process life’s events, envision the future, and document dreams. These practices, the ‘behind the scenes’ roots of Zappy Dots, embody my belief in the transformative power of creativity and organization.

Creativity Re-Imagined: The Path Through “Confetti and Cake”

The Zappy Dots theme of “creativity re-imagined” has taken us on such an exciting journey, and one consistent way we’re able “re-imagine” what we’re focusing on is with and through creative journaling. A pivotal moment in this journey was the launch of “Confetti and Cake” — a series of daily imagination prompts that ignited a deeper exploration into creative possibilities. This series encouraged us to reimagine the boundaries of our creativity and laid the groundwork for today’s leap into journaling.

Embracing This Leap with Some Inspiring Reads

If you’ve read our other post, our word of the month for March is “Leap.” This word symbolizes not only the arrival of spring (and the playful leap of bunnies!), but also our collective leap into new creative goals and endeavors. To inspire and guide this journaling journey, I’ve gathered a selection of books that reflect our mission of creativity re-imagined:

These titles, brimming with techniques and ideas, are helping guide our exploration deeper into the world of creative journaling. They promise to be invaluable companions as we document our lives creatively — and perhaps they can guide you as well!

Leap Year Day: A Celebration of Creativity

This Leap Year Day, we invite you to join us in taking a bold step into the world of creative journaling. Confetti and Cake has shown us the power of imagination, and now we’re poised to delve deeper into the practice of journaling. It’s a journey that promises to expand our creative horizons, enrich our crafts, and transform the way we envision our futures.

Let’s leap together into this new chapter, where every blank page offers a new opportunity for expression, and every day holds the potential for creativity. Welcome to our celebration of Leap Year Day, and welcome to the Zappy Dots journey of creative journaling!

Join Us on Our Creative Journaling Journey!

As always, we love to add a splash of color to anything we do — and creative journaling is certainly no exception! Look forward to more journaling products and downloads in our exclusive designs, and for now, if you need a beautiful way to store your ideas, we’ve got you covered with our collection of beautiful double-sided journals:

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