Welcome to Zappy Dots!

Welcome to Zappy Dots! Here you’ll find that creativity is all about reimagining and inspiring something new and valuable.

We believe that creativity isn’t just a skill; it’s a characteristic of the human spirit that forms the most amazing, worthwhile experiences. Whether you’re an avid DIY enthusiast, a budding creative entrepreneur, or simply someone with a passion for design, textiles, paint, pretty food, or paper, you’ve found your place here!

Our Mission? It’s simple: Our goal is to create a community that celebrates projects, products, and ideas that reignite your creative spark — over and over again! At Zappy Dots, we want to be your partners in creating the life you adore. From the clothes you wear to those projects that make you sprint to the nearest craft store (or perhaps dream about opening your very own creative business), we’re here to inspire you. We can’t wait to see what we create together!

Zappy Dots: Reimagined

Our journey began over a decade ago with our signature 1″ magnets — simple dots that opened the door to a world of creativity. As we evolved, adding apparel to our collection, we realized that our creative passions were outgrowing the confines of our business. Two years ago, we closed our doors, thinking that part of our story had ended. But creativity, much like life, has a way of surprising us. Six months ago we re-opened Zappy Dots, not just as a business but as a canvas for re-imagination and a hub for creative exploration.

For those of you who have been following the Zappy Dots journey, we’re so glad you’re here. It’s been a long and exciting ride! If you’re new and you’d like to learn more about Zappy Dots successful past as a notions and apparel brand — and why, after a decade, we’re so excited to reopen our doors with a fresh direction — we invite you to check out this blog post by our founder, Kim.

Zappy Dots is no longer just a product brand; it’s a creative sanctuary, a growing community that’s brimming with inspiration, specially crafted for all the remarkable makers who love to dream, create, and make things happen.

What You’ll Find Here

We believe every creative moment is a “dot” connecting us and creating a bigger picture, and this is where we need you — our vibrant community. With your insight and encouragement, we’re not just reigniting Zappy Dots; we’re redefining what it means to be creative. Our journey now expands beyond dots and apparel to a diverse world of crafting and mixed media. Whether you’re seeking a spark to break the monotony of your crafting routine or eager to intertwine different creative skills into your current projects, Zappy Dots is here to fuel that fire.

Join us on this re-imagined journey! You can look forward to unique downloadable digital designs for your fabric- and paper-printing projects; cute DIY Cricut crafts; fun giftable products; and Spark Factory blog posts that are aimed at helping you discover innovative and creative individuals… and so much more.

We’d like to be the first to welcome to the new era of Zappy Dots – where every dot is a beginning, every idea is a spark, and every creation is a story waiting to unfold. We’re not just crafting art, we’re crafting connections as well. We can’t wait to create, collaborate, and celebrate the endless possibilities of this journey with you — every dot of the way.

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