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Cricut Confetti: Quickly Glam Up a Vase for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to confetti, and really all embellishments, more is more! And isn’t that especially true for Valentine’s Day? I needed a quick and cute Valentine’s Day centerpiece, so I decided this was the perfect time to put my passion for confetti, ribbon, and glitter to the test. I grabbed a plain Dollar Store vase, my Cricut, and a few simple supplies — and voila! — Cricut confetti and an adorable DIY Valentine’s centerpiece was born.

Want to learn a simple and crafty way to make your own confetti, and embellish a plain dollar store glass vase for Valentine’s Day? Read on for these quick and fun project details…

Valentine's Tablescape with DIY Cricut Confetti

Making Confetti with Cricut Maker

Is there anything the Circut can’t do? While browsing the aisles of my local craft store I saw some fun glitter cardstock paper and decided to try my hand at making my own Cricut confetti! Here is how I did it:

Cricut design space making cricut confetti
Cricut design space making cricut confetti, showing words "cake & confetti"

Step 1: Create Your Confetti Designs in Cricut Design Space

First, you’ll want to write out any words or phrases you’d like in your confetti. This would be fun to do for any holiday, or with names for a birthday party, or even a company name or logo. The possibilities are endless! I chose “Cake & Confetti” to celebrate this project — and to pay homage to my sweet, celebration-loving Valentine!

After you type it out, browse your font options. Remember, to have each piece of confetti be connected as one unit when it’s cut you will need to choose a font that looks natural with all the letters grouped together. The font I used was great for this: It’s called Beachwood and it’s available in the Cricut library.

After you choose your font, highlight your text and click “ungroup to letters” in the Advanced option section of your tool bar.

This allows you to move around individual letters to make sure everything is touching and creating one unit. You might notice I have a non-connected piece, the dot of the ‘i’! Since I couldn’t scoot it around in a way that looked natural I decided to replace it with a little heart:

Perfect! Now everything is connected. Once you’re happy with the placement of your text, highlight the whole text section and weld it together to create one cut.

Custom Confetti ValentineVase 47 2

Now that your word confetti is complete, continue adding other images and shapes you’d like to include in your custom confetti.

Cricut design space making cricut confetti - words, hearts, and xo shapes

PRO TIP: Confetti usually consists of a variety of small scraps that take too much time and are not efficient to make with the Cricut. That’s why I recommend making the larger, custom accent pieces — like these words and unique shapes — on your Cricut and then mixing them with store-bought glitter or confetti pieces.

Step 2: Cut Out & Weed Your Cricut Confetti

Add your card stock to your mat, then use your Cricut to cut out all of your artwork. Use the weeding tool to gently lift your pieces. Then repeat! I cut out this same Cricut Confetti Canvas three times using three different colored sheets of card stock so I would have a variety of colors in my confetti.

There you have it – your own custom confetti. Wasn’t that easy? Now you can use this same process to make confetti for any occasion.

Adding Cricut confetti to glitter bowl

Transform a Dollar Store Vase with Cricut Confetti & Glitter

While this confetti is adorable simply scattered across a table, I wanted to use it to dress up a basic Dollar Store vase I had sitting around. Here’s how I created a sparkly vase centerpiece to pair with my confetti — and really make my Valentine’s table decor pop!

Supplies You’ll Need for Your DIY Glitter Vase:

  • Custom Cricut Confetti
  • Glitter in colors of your choice
  • ModPodge & paintbrush
  • Ribbon/bows or extra embellishments (optional)
  • Two glass vases that nest into each other. Good places to find these would be the dollar store, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.

Start by mixing your glitter in a bowl. Then, using your smaller glass vase, paint streaks of Modpodge along the bottom and roll in the glitter.

After the glitter dries for a bit, add your custom confetti and other embellishments to the vase. I added some small bows, using GlueDots to adhere them to the glass. (You can find a video of how to make these cute tiny bows on our Instagram and YouTube Shorts!) I then painted the backside of my confetti with ModPodge and scattered them around the top of the vase.

Final diy valentine's day centerpiece

To finish off my Valentine’s Day centerpiece, I placed the completed glitter vase inside the larger vase, then added flowers. I used my extra Cricut confetti to sprinkle on the tabletop, but you could add some to the space in between the two vases as well. All I needed to finish setting the Valentine’s mood was an adorable dessert board, a fun candle, and two glasses of something festive!

Pink and red valnetine's day table with snack board, candle, and glitter centerpiece

How would you use your Cricut confetti? Tell us how you’d embellish your next celebration in the comments!

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