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Craft Your Own Easter Magic: DIY Baskets with Cricut Name Tags and Sticker Sheets

Who doesn’t love an adorable Easter Basket?! We wanted to make our little bunnies’ baskets stand out this year, so we created custom Cricut Name Tags — and threw in a custom Zappy Dots sticker sheet for an extra sprinkle of cuteness! These projects are fun because they’re so versatile; chipboard name tags and Cricut sticker sheets are perfect for bags and journals and a million other uses. So, follow along for this quick tutorial — and free sticker sheet download!

How to Make Custom Cricut Name Tags & Sticker Sheets for Your Easter Baskets

The simple overview is that we used the Cricut Maker to cut out our custom name tags with chipboard, and then we used the Print and Cut feature to make our own custom Easter Stickers!

Are you subscribed to our YouTube channel? We share all sorts of cute videos, and our latest video will show you exactly how we made these darling Easter Basket name tags and details! Check it out:

Download 2 FREE Easter Sticker Sheets!

Easter sticker sheet downloads: 2 sheets of cute easter stickers on desktop with art supplies

To say we’re kind-of obsessed with our Blooming Bunnies artwork is an understatement. We wanted these bright, happy patterns to get shared beyond The Spring Shop, so we used them as our muse for our Cricut-made sticker sheets. If you followed along with the tutorial and would like to create your own custom Cricut stickers, you can download our two Easter sticker sheets .PNG files here:

Finishing Touches: Making Cute Baskets and Bunny Tracks

2 Easter baskets with Custom Easter Basket Name Tags

Find a Cute Easter Basket

We found these darling bunny ear baskets from At Home, but we knew we wanted to add some more personal features to it. That’s where the custom Easter Basket Cricut name tags and sticker sheets came in! We then crafted a couple of mini tassels for the handles, threw in a few of our kiddos’ favorite treats, and voila! Now these generic baskets are super special!

DIY Bunny Tracks

As a finishing touch I decided to make some bunny tracks to lead to the baskets! I used construction paper had on-hand, and found these bunny track designs in Cricut Design Space. The Cricut made quick work of this adorable DIY!

Cricut machine and bunny tracks cut from pink and white construction paper

Looking for More Easter Fun?

Hop on over to our Spring Shop where you’ll find creative and colorful basket stuffers:

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