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Spring Infused Creative Journaling: Blending Art with Bullet Journal Planning

My love for pretty notebooks and fun pens has always driven me to jot down words and ideas, turning journaling into my personal backdrop of creative expression and self-understanding. From my own experience (read more about that here!), I can say that exploring the diverse world of journaling, — from bullet journals (bujo) and dot grid journals, to art journals and junk journals — has unveiled a universe of creative journaling ideas.

Each style offers its own unique approach to cataloging thoughts, dreams, and daily life. No matter which style you subscribe to — and I do combination of both — I’ve gathered 5 of my favorite creative inspirations for springtime journaling. But first, let’s discuss the different varieties of creative journaling!

Bullet Journaling vs. Art Journaling

Many people who keep creative journals are either into bullet journaling or art journaling. I think there’s room for a bit of both!

Bullet journaling in particular, has introduced me to the versatility of the dot grid system — a planner’s dream for structuring months, tasks, and goals. This method not only aids in creating bullet journal spreads and ideas that resonate with my inner creative, but it also serves as a tidy canvas for trackers, doodles, cute layouts, and my personal reflections.

On the other hand, I’ve found that art journals and junk journals offer sanctuaries for my artistic expression — providing space for sketching, use various mediums, and collecting everyday ephemera. These journals become a repository for visual ideas and serve as a springboard for creative projects, piecing together memories and inspirations from the ordinary and transforming them into something extraordinary!

I love the mix of structured bullet journal planning alongside the expressive freedom of art journals — I encourage everyone to try mixing them. So, this season I’m inviting you join me as I blend the pragmatic with the poetic, and merge the discipline of bullet planning with the boundless possibilities of artistic creativity! No matter your journaling medium, I hope you’ll join me for these creative springtime journaling inspirations…

5 Inspirations for Your Spring-Infused Journaling and Planning

Spring is the perfect muse for those of us on a creative journaling journey. This vibrant season is not just about the rejuvenation of nature, but also an ideal backdrop for reflection, creativity, and self-discovery within the pages of your journal. Here are 5 inspirations I’m using to get the ink flowing on my pages this season!

1. Spring Specific Lists & Trackers

Beyond the typical bullet journal collections, spring calls for special additions that celebrate the season. Consider incorporating a Spring Bucket List to outline the nature activities you’re eager to explore; or a Gardening Layout and Tracker to plan and monitor your garden’s progress (we love the one by @GraceAnneStudio below!).

I also love the idea of Habit Trackers, which are perfect for nurturing new habit — especially with the warmer weather encouraging fitness activities. For those looking forward to spring break or summer vacations, a Travel Journal or Vacation Planner can help you prepare for upcoming adventures! And don’t forget a Spring Cleaning Checklist to refresh your space, and Easter Themed spreads for planning your holiday menu. Additionally, embrace your artistic side with Doodle Pages… flower doodles are particularly fitting for spring, and a doodle-a-day challenge can be a fun way to enhance your drawing skills.

Spring bullet journal - bujo garden plan by grace ann studio
Bujo Garden Plan Inspo by @GraceAnneStudio

2. Bullet Journaling with Blooms and Butterflies

Looking to add more art to your bullet journal this spring? Envision a bullet journal spread for March that’s adorned with delicate butterflies and blooming flowers, meticulously designed on a dot grid backdrop. This layout not only organizes the month but also brings the joy and renewal of spring to your pages. Julia, @blublablu_arts_by_julia, offers a glimpse into how her gorgeous drawings and doodles breathe life into planner pages:

3. Gorgeous Gratitude: Journal Prompts and Trackers for Deeper Thinking

Enhance your bujo with gratitude journal prompts. We’re particularly inspired by Monica Wehrman’s vibrant spring spread pictured here (@livejoyfulandhealthy). Her design features bright flowers framing a section for daily gratitude — one line a day. This simple setup invites you to note everyday joys and personal growth, without feeling overwhelming.

We like the idea of expanding the gratitude prompts to include themes like today’s simple pleasure, nature’s gifts, personal growth, or acts of kindness, all set against Monica’s colorful backdrop. This approach not only beautifies your journal but also deepens your appreciation for life’s small, beautiful moments.

Gratitude page in a bullet journal by live joyful and healthy
Gratitude Bullet Journal Spread by @livejoyfulandhealthy

4. Fresh Artistic Endeavors in Spring

Susanne’s art journal pages burst with the colors of spring, featuring textured collages that embody the season. These springtime journal spreads invite art journalers to explore various mediums and techniques, from sketches and vibrant brush pens to watercolors and stencils, making each page a celebration of spring’s spirit. Want to dig into these fun and artistic ideas? You can check out her full tutorial HERE!

spring art journal
Spring Inspired Art Journal by @susanne_rose_art

5. Floral Inspirations for Your Next Art or Bullet Journal Spread

Below you’ll see how Meg Journals demonstrates integrates floral elements into her pages. I love how the endless blooms inspire such a variety of ideas and looks, and I think these flowers would feel right at home on the pages of art journals and bullet journals. Her pages, adorned with exquisite lettering and paper blooms, reflect the endless creativity sparked by flowers and the growth they symbolize.

Floral art journals by MegJournals
Floral Art Journal Spreads by @Megjournals

A New Approach for a New Season

As we transition into a new, vibrant spring season, I hope the essence of spring infuses your journal pages! If you’re traditionally an art journaler, maybe you can bring in a touch of planning and goal setting to your creations — and if you keep a bullet journal, then perhaps you’ll allow your artistic expressions to flow more freely on the page!

Trust me — this combined approach will enrich your organizational habits, and also turn each journal entry into a celebration of renewal! I hope this inspires you to tap into your inner creative in ways that resonate deeply with the rejuvenating spirit of spring.

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