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A Magical and Modern Holiday Porch Makeover

The magic of Christmas isn’t confined to the interiors of our homes; it extends its shimmering charm to the outdoor spaces, particularly the porch!

At Zappy Dots we love holiday porch decor so much we wrote a whole post about it — if you missed it, be sure to check out four holiday porch tree themes here!

We’re not picking favorites, but one of these themes really got us inspired to spruce up our own porch for the festive season:

Pink lollipop tree and whimsical ornament porch decorations

Our Favorite Whimsical Porch Decor Finds

The vibrant hues of pink and blue, accentuated by the adorable boxwood “lollipop” trees, and delightful pink nutcrackers really make this style sparkle. Let’s dive into how we used these products to turn our into porch a whimsical wonderland this Christmas! But first, here’s our shopping list:

whimsical front holiday porch decorated for christmas in pinks and blues

Decorating the Simple Boxwood Lollipop Trees

The ornamental boxwood “lollipop” trees are the perfect centerpiece for our porch decor. You can enhance their charm by wrapping twinkling string lights around them, but we opted for these fabulous light-up bows instead! Because the boxwoods are so small and cute on their own, we surrounded the base of each tree with eye-catching blue ornaments and baubles, and a added pink and white bow to the trunk.

Lollipop tree holiday porch decor

Add a Quick, Modern Christmas Wreath

Of course we couldn’t leave the front door out of our holiday porch decor fun! We dressed up a simple holiday wreath, adorning it with a coordinating pink and white bow. Then we added one of the darling pink nutcrackers to the center. We love what a whimsical, elegant touch he adds!

holiday porch decor pink nutcracker wreath

Embellish a Cute Porch Pillow

We live in the south, so having a welcoming spot to sit on the front porch is a must — regardless of the season! We used the Zappy Dots Whimsical Ornaments outdoor pillow and added pink furry pom-poms to the corners. We’re a little obsessed with how cute and inviting this turned out!

The FinishingTouch: A Very Merry Welcome Mat

The cherry on top of any porch decor project? A welcome mat, of course! And the Zappy Dots Whimsical Ornaments “Merry” outdoor rug is the perfect companion to our festive porch pillow in the same print. The hand-painted ornaments and vibrant colors in the pattern bring out all of the details in our wreath, trees, and chair and we couldn’t be happier with how well it ties it all together!

Zappy Dots Merry modern holiday door mat with pink and blue ornaments

Happy Holiday Porch Decorating!

Decorating your porch for Christmas is a delightful way to spread the holiday spirit and extend a warm welcome to all. We’re so glad we embraced the magical pink and blue hues to bring a modern touch to our otherwise traditional holiday elements. It certainly reminds us to celebrate the magic of the season every time we walk through the door!

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