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Holiday Baking with the Cricut: 3 Cute & Giftable Treats

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Caramels scattered on red and white mat with cricut cut shapes on wrappers
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1. Christmas Tree Cake: Make Festive Fondant Shapes with the Cricut

While there are ways to actually use your Cricut machine to cut fondant, these methods require specialty, food-grade quality tools for your machine. We wanted to find a way that anyone with a Cricut could get creative with fondant that didn’t involve getting a new machine or separate tools. So we decided to just create fondant stencils from cardstock instead!

To put this method to the test, I set my sights on baking and decorating a beautiful Christmas Tree Cake. With Cricut’s vast library of images and project files, it was easy to find already-made Christmas tree shapes, holly leaves, and bows to make my vision come to life. (TIP: If you’re looking for the exact tree & holly images I used, here they are.)

Once I chose my graphics, I simply used the Cricut to cut out my desired shapes on cardstock. The Cricut TrueControl Knife made the cuts smooth and quick. 

Then I rolled out my fondant and placed the Cricut-cut templates on top, and hand-cut around them. It was incredibly fast and easy! Here’s a quick video showing my process:

Once the fondant shapes were cut out, I placed them on top of my favorite buttercream. They stuck like a charm and added such a fun holiday flair. This is definitely one of my favorite tricks for holiday baking with the Cricut!

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Christmas tree cake fondant cut with cricut

2. Homemade Salted Caramels with Custom Cut Wax Wrappers & Vinyl Stickers

Every holiday season, one of my favorite things to make for my friends and neighbors are these soft Homemade Salted Caramels. They only use a handful of ingredients and are super fast to make, but they’re so delicious! 

However, one of the most tedious parts of making these little treats is cutting out their individual wrappers. So I decided to put my Cricut to the task! I made a quick Canvas on the Cricut app, then I added some simple rectangle shapes that were the perfect size for my candies, and I let the machine do the work! 

Short video here: https://youtu.be/-9neUgQbe4U

Once the wrappers were cut, I wanted to make them pretty. This step is optional, but honestly, it’s so easy that there’s no reason not to add a little customization to your caramels!

I found several cute holiday .svg designs to add to my custom caramel wrappers: Here are the ones I used. I added these to my Cricut template and cut them on white vinyl. 

One thing to remember is that the stickers are really small. The Cricut Weeder Tool will come in handy for lifting all of the tiny, tricky pieces. 

Once my caramels were wrapped in the wax paper, I added an adorable vinyl sticker to the top of each one!

Caramels scattered on red and white mat with cricut cut shapes on wrappers
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IMG 1u

PRO TIP: These are adorable as-is! But if you’re still feeling crafty, you can add them to cellophane baggies with a ribbon and/or a Cricut-cut holiday tag for extra-special gifting. I made my tags on gold cardstock using a standard Cricut font then tied them to the top of my gift bags with coordinating ribbon. 

Party-Ready Baked Goods with Holiday Themed Toppers

Before you take your cupcakes, muffins, cakes, or other baked treats to a holiday party, add a festive holiday topper first! This is a cute, eye-catching trick for turning a simple treat into a show-stopper. It’s also another great way to embrace holiday baking with the Cricut!

You can use the Happy New Year designs I found, or make your own. Consider monograms, holiday shapes, or merry messages — you can even coordinate the design with your host or hostess’s decor! 

For my holiday cupcake toppers, I used gold foil card stock for the rectangular base, and white cardstock for the lettering. I cut out all of the designs using my Cricut. 

Once I hade my designs peeled off the Cricut mat and glued onto the gold cardstock, I flipped over each topper and placed a toothpick on the back. I used tape to keep mine in place, but hot glue or cute washi tape are other great options for securing your toothpick! Here’s how they turned out:

Holiday cupcake toppers, happy new year cupcake toppers

No matter where your holiday creativity takes you, be sure to bring your Cricut along for the ride! Are there any crafty ways you use your Cricut in the kitchen? Share your ideas for holiday baking with the Cricut in the comments!

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