Welcome to Zappy Dots

Welcome to Zappy Dots

Welcome to Zappy Dots! Or, for some of you, I should say “welcome back!”Over the past decade, I’ve had such an amazing ride as a business owner. Many of you may be wondering — what inspired you to reopen Zappy Dots? Or, heck, what is Zappy Dots?!

The Zappy Dots Journey

Our tale began in 2011, when I stumbled upon the magic of 1-inch round buttons and magnets, which we affectionately called “Dots.”

What started as a local side-project hosting kids’ Dot parties and creating products for local volleyball fundraisers quickly grew into a full-scale operation. We soon found ourselves licensing artwork from quilt designers, stitchers and artists, and shipping our magnetic Dots featuring their stunning artwork around the globe. In 2019 we even carried our design licensing success into a line of custom UPF apparel. Over the course of a decade, Zappy Dots grew into a six-figure brand!

However, in 2022 I hit the pause button. I realized creating clothing and developing notions wasn’t resonating with me. The constant hustle of designing, organizing photoshoots, and procuring and managing inventory was taking its toll, and I was itching for something different. This burn-out resulted in me making the tough choice to close the doors on Zappy Dots.

Zappy Dots: Reimagined

After closing, I stumbled upon exciting new horizons — innovative technologies, fresh business ideas, and new brand inspirations. It was reinvigorating to have my entrepreneurial spark rekindled! Yet as I ventured deeper into new territory, our beloved Zappy Dots audience stayed close to my creative heart.

That’s when I had a lightbulb moment: What if there was a way to connect the dots between what I’d learned running a successful creative business for a decade, with the new and amazing things that reignited my excitement and enthusiasm?

Fast forward to late 2023, and I’ve got something exciting to share! Zappy Dots is back with a bang, and we’re inviting you to be part of the adventure. I believe that creativity, much like the Zappy Dots journey, is all about reimagining and inspiring something new and valuable. Our goal is to create a community that celebrates projects, products, and entrepreneurial ideas that reignite your creative spark — over and over again!

What You Can Look Forward To

Zappy Dots is no longer just a product brand; it’s a creative sanctuary, a growing community that’s brimming with inspiration, specially crafted for all the remarkable makers who love to dream, create, and make things happen. We’ll be sharing Design Derbies that get you involved in product creation; downloadable digital designs; Cricut crafts; Spark Factory blog posts that introduce you to incredible creative businesses; and more.

Although we’ve evolved, our commitment to fueling your creativity remains unwavering. So, join us in this exciting chapter of our creative journey. Welcome to Zappy Dots, your haven for inspiration and your canvas for reimagining the art of creativity.

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