Dot-thusiasts: Tell Us About Your Dream Dots!

We get it.  Not everyone wants to make their own Dots — but wouldn’t it be nice to have a say in their style or function? Well, this is your chance! As we guide our first group of Dot-preneurs to a new future with Needle Nannies, Ceramic Magnets, Magnetic Needle Tins, and more, we want to make sure we’re helping you both “connect the Dots.” 

We want our Dot-preneurs to have a great start, and for our Dot-thusiasts to have access to great products in gorgeous designs they love! Please fill out this quick survey or share your ideas in the comments below, we’ll be sure to share all ideas with our next class of Dot-preneurs! 

  • What designs or designers you’d love to see on new Dots
  • Your favorite designs or designers from past Dots
  • Creative ideas for “Dot Parties” at your local shop, guild, or event
  • Any fun uses for Dots that you’d like to share!
share your dot ideas here!  

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