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Free Printable Valentine’s Tags for Galentines Gal Pals

Looking for the perfect Valentine for your creative gal pals? From fabric collectors and Cricut aficionados to stitchers and supply hoarders, we’ve got you covered. These free printable Valentine’s Tags for Galentines are made for all the lovely ladies in your life who share your love for fabric, glitter, and glue!

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Download your Free Valentines Tags for Galentines Here

It’s time to spread the love to all the craft-loving ladies in your life:

Personalize Your Galentine’s Tags

We always think the greatest present is presence โ€” but, like we say on our Galentine’s Tags, new craft supplies never hurt! That’s why we’re using our tags to adorn Galentine’s gifts for our own creative friends… after all, nothing says love like new scissors, colorful embroidery floss, fat quarters, and (you guessed it) glitter!

Galentines Day Card

We’re printing these Galentine’s Tags on white card stock, then writing a heartfelt note to each person on the back. We’re even thinking about busting out a little Galentine’s Day creative poetry while we’re at it… Here are 10 of our favorite silly Galentine’s Day poems for you to share, too:

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, we go together like glitter and glue!
  • You leave me in stitches
  • You truly are the pinnacle of my affection: I love you more than my fabric collection
  • Crafting memories one by one, I’m thankful our creative story is never done.
  • Fabric, pins, and laughter shared, my Galentine’s love is forever declared.
  • We’re cut from the same cloth, it’s clear… Galentine, you’re my perfect shear!
  • You’re the pin to my cushion
  • Our friendship is like a fine glue, binding us, me to you.
  • Like pins in a pincushion, we stick together, crafting a friendship that’ll last forever!
  • Though sometimes our projects are tangled and messy, I’m so glad you’re my crafting bestie!

Don’t Forget: Galentine’s Day Is February 13th

How will you be celebrating Galentine’s Day? Whether you’re hosting a craft-filled Galentine’s party or just spending a quiet evening with your crafty BFF, we’re hope you enjoy showing your appreciation with a Valentine Tag as fun as they are! xoxo!

Printable Valentine's Tags for Galentines, two sheets printed on white cardstock

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