Confetti & Cake Imagination Prompt #33: Galentine’s Games

A Galentine's Crafting Party Game Show Extravaganza

Imagination  Prompt

Crafty Controversies: A Galentine’s Game Show Extravaganza

Set the stage for a Galentine’s Game Show Family Feud Crafting Party, where laughter, creativity, and friendly competition come together! Imagine walking into a room adorned with a heart-filled crafting party table, chairs set for guests, and the air buzzing with anticipation. Your challenge is to dream up the most imaginative, humorous, or wonderfully outrageous crafting challenge, Family Feud Style, for this spirited event.

  • DIY Disaster or Designer Dream?  Describe an over-the-top DIY project that divides opinion. Is it a crafting calamity or a trendsetting triumph? Debate its merits or missteps as if you were on “Family Feud,” providing laugh-out-loud reasons for your stance.
  • Crafting Confessions: The Feud of Fabric Stashes:  Dive into the secretive world of fabric stashes. Argue for the most eccentric or essential item in your collection, as if defending your honor in a family feud. Why is this item a crafter’s must-have or a hilarious hoarding mistake?
  • The Great Quilting Quandary:  Propose a quilt made from the most unconventional materials imaginable. From recycled tech gadgets to cherished concert tickets, defend your quirky quilt material choice in a spirited “Family Feud” style debate.
  • DIY Duel: The Crafting Challenge:  Envision a DIY project crafted solely from the contents of a junk drawer. What surprising, innovative item do you create? Present your project and persuade your “Family Feud” audience of its unexpected genius.
  • The Lost Art of _______:  Fill in the blank with a craft you believe is due for a revival and defend it in a “Family Feud” battle of wits and passion. Is it the intricate art of lace-making, the bold patterns of macramé, or something else? Make your case for its comeback in the crafting world.

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