Our Favorite Ways to Use Giant Post-it Notes

Is it just us or does everyone agree that Post-it notes are pretty much the best thing ever?! Convenient, versatile, colorful, and fun, they’re perfect for so many things, which is why we always have a stack nearby. We love Post-it notes so much, in fact, that we created our own line of these handy notepads. But, in true Zappy Dots form, we wanted these Post-its to be extra colorful – and extra large. Welcome to the amazing world of the Zappy Dots Giant Post-it Note!

You’ll find us using our Giant Post-it notes for…

  • Organization and productivity – We like to keep our mind and workspace organized with Post-it notes. They make it easy to organize ideas by page and move them around as needed.
  • Spontaneous notes – These sticky note pads are perfect to grab when a big idea or some inspiration strikes or when we need to capture information quickly and easily.
  • Reminders – We stick them on walls, windows, mirrors, desks, doors, refrigerators — just about anywhere we need to post a reminder for ourselves, our team, or our families.
Arrangement of Giant Post-it notes by zappy dots

Why We Love the Giant Post-it Note

As much as we love regular Post-its, we were even more excited to discover the giant size of Post-its, as they have opened up a whole new world of sticky note fun! Our custom line of pretty and colorful Zappy Dots giant Post-it notepads (10″ x 6”) includes a variety of designs — many featuring dot grid pages that are so versatile for creative planning.

Giant Post-it notepads are the organizational and creative tool you never knew you needed in your life, and we’re here to change that! We want to inspire you to think bigger (literally) when it comes to sticky notes, so today we’re sharing our favorite ways to use these giant Post-its in your daily life. We think they’ll make your world just a little more organized — and a whole lot brighter!

Giant post-it note meal planning design in kitchen

Meal Planner Pad

If you like to change your mind as much as we do, a giant Post-it pad will be your best friend when it comes to meal planning. Their large size makes them idea to plan out an entire meal, including mains, sides, drinks, and dessert with additional room for notes on any shopping items needed. Use each one for a day of the week and post them for the whole family to see. The best part is that you can rearrange them as many times as needed when your meal plans change.

My week planner Giant Post-it note

Weekly Planner Pad

Plan out the important events and tasks of your week and put them in a prominent location so you’ll never forget anything. You can certainly use the plain variety for this, but you can also take the easy way out and use one that comes already designed in a weekly planner format. Check out this cute flamingo stripe variety as an example.

Colorful Giant Post-it note dot grid on stack of books

Dot Grid Pad

We did an entire post on our love of dot grid, so it’s no surprise that dot grid paper features prominently in our giant Post-it collection, such as this confetti dot grid notepad. The unobtrusive dot grid pattern provides enough structure for writing notes and tasks, but it also allows for more free form drawing, doodling, and fancy hand lettering. Use your dot grid post-it notepad as a combo planning tool and creativity space — the same way you’d use a bullet journal.

And the Zappy Dots giant Post-it notes are particularly great if you want to get creative, as they’re full of pretty borders and colorful patterns that give all of your notes an artistic feel. But unlike a bullet journal, the Post-it notepads let you easily remove a page and post it anywhere so you can view and admire your work!

Let Your Ideas Bloom giant post-it note

Sticky Note Brainstorming

Post-its are great when you want to jot down something quick that you’ll need to remember later. Take it one step further with the big notes, which give you enough room for larger brainstorming sessions or lists of ideas. You can then post them on your mirror or fridge and add new ideas whenever the inspiration strikes.

Giant Post-it Note dot grid chore lists

Task Lists

Put some fun and color in your daily to-do list by putting it on a giant sticky note. The dot grid pattern makes it super easy to create the perfect little checkboxes for that satisfying feeling of checking off a completed task. These also work great for assigning chore lists to your kids. You can use one sheet per child and post them in a prominent location where they can check off the chores they’ve completed.

Giant Post-it Note on bathroom mirror with quote

View Daily Inspiration

We love to use Post-its to write down and save a favorite quote, inspirational saying, or just a fun note to ourselves and post it on the bathroom mirror. With the larger size and the dot grid paper, you have freedom to get creative with this. Practice your hand lettering or calligraphy, embellish your words with flowers or other doodles, or add a fun drawing. The possibilities are endless!

How Will You Use Your Giant Post-it Note?

We hope we’ve inspired you to give giant Post-it notes a try! Their uses are only limited by your imagination, so have fun coming up with your own favorite ways to incorporate them into your day. Have any fun ideas that aren’t listed here? Share your favorite spaces to use your giant Post-its in the comments!

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