Confetti & Cake Imagination Prompt #27: Flights of Fancy

Zappy Dots Confetti and Cake Imagination Prompt 27

Imagination  Prompt:

Envision your creativity as a lively bird living in a splendidly colorful birdhouse. This joyful abode didn’t just spring up overnight – it’s a masterpiece of your making. Let’s flutter through the whimsical tale of how your birdhouse became a haven for your imagination.

  • Feathers and Twigs:  In what quirky and unexpected ways did you gather the ‘feathers and twigs’ to construct your creative nest?
  • Song of the Muse:  How does your inner ‘birdsong’ – your unique creative voice – echo within the walls of your birdhouse?
  • Flight Paths:  Describe the adventurous ‘flights’ your creativity has taken. How have these journeys added vibrant ‘feathers’ to your nest?
  • Nurturing the Nest:  What ongoing efforts are you making to ensure that your nest remains a nurturing haven for your creative endeavors?

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